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District Administration, (DA), is the most widely received and most regularly read publication for school district leaders nationwide in print and digital publishing.

*Source: THE EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATOR MARKET: 2011 Magazine Readership Trends; Martin Akel & Associates.

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Leadership Team

Chairman Joseph J. Hanson
Publisher Daniel E. Kinnaman
Group Publisher Matt Kinnaman
Chief Operating Officer/CIO Stephanie J. Martinez
VP Business Development JD Solomon


Editorial Director JD Solomon
Senior Editor Tim Goral
Managing Editor Angela Pascopella
Senior Associate Editor Matthew Zalaznick
Associate Editor Kylie Lacey
Newsletter Editor Ariana Fine
Editor Emeritus Odvard Egil Dyrli

Contributing Writers

Ed Finkel, Eamonn O'Donovan, Rob Mancabelli, Monica Rhor, Ron Schachter, Kenneth Trump, Regina Whitmer


Associate Publisher & East Coast Sales Manager George Halo
West Coast Sales Manager George Saroyan
Midwest Sales Manager Rachel Davis
Exhibit Sales and Guides & Directories Janice Sermonet


Group Publisher Matt Kinnaman
Marketing Manager Kano Kinnaman

Department Management

Director of Circulation and Production Dana Kubicko
Director of Client Services Susan D. Charamut
Director of Conferences and Trade Shows Ellen Boyer
Art Director Rebecca Eller
Marketing Manager Kano Kinnaman
Accounting Manager Teckla Murray-Oliver
Web Development Manager Sharon A. Rieger

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