About the District Administration Leadership Institute

The District Administration Leadership Institute (DALI) provides cutting-edge leadership development to school district superintendents and other senior education executives to inspire innovation and leadership excellence in K12 education. This is accomplished through Superintendents Summits focused on intensive networking and collaboration with innovative solutions providers, and through engagement in virtual communities to promote ongoing discussion, debate and sharing of professional resources and leadership initiatives.

If you are a superintendent or other senior education executive and you want to learn more about membership in the District administration Leadership Institute, please contact Susan Charamut at (203) 663-0105 or scharamut@districtadministration.com.

If you are a solution provider and would like to learn more about sponsoring DALI and its Superintendents Summits, please contact Matt Kinnaman at (413) 221-0346 or mkinnaman@districtadministration.com

Please direct inquiries as follows:

Visit: DALeadershipInstitute.com

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